MUE, the Méandres Urbains Essentiels project would transform the appearance of the Turcot interchange by turning it into a gigantic three-dimensional artwork while retaining its functionality. The turnpikes’ shape forms a kind of backbone to an environmental work as yet unfinished. The missing element? COLOR!

The project is to paint in polychrome the exterior sides of the elevated ramps forming the interchange and incorporate at some strategic places, urban art frescos*. Some talks are actually going on to integrate artists from the Sud-Ouest (south-west) borough.
In parallel to this, the top of some ramps will be also painted to create a design suggesting the form of a bird and visible from the sky*. This concept is inspired by geoglyphs in the Nazca desert in Peru that can only be appreciated from the air.

The outcome of the completed work will be a unique tridimensional art piece. It will provide a dynamic and avant-garde backdrop for a revitalized neighborhood. Visible worldwide through Google Map it will reflect well on the imagination and innovative spirit of the city of Montreal.

To view some examples, see the Art gallery or click HERE

*note: to be accurately established with the revealing of the
definitive plan of the Turcot interchange.